Best Waterproof Paint

Waterproof Paint is made easy to protect your house/things from any problems which are mostly occurs from the effect of environment and it increases the life of product shine. In today’s modern era technology is growing like a fast pace therefore in paint industry smart technology also show its talent here, because many paints are come with high VOC (volatile organic compound), but now with the help of technology we have water-based paint which is fully waterproof and less VOC, this makes it environment friendly, and if your children’s are small then water-based paint is best choice for you between water-based and oil-based paints. Water-based paint called as water miscible oil paint because it work best when both oil-based paint and Water-based paint mix then they makes a quality paint which is best to use where it is required.

Types of Waterproof paint:

1. Masonry Paint

Masonry Paint made from ceramic and latex. It is mostly used for concrete/cinder blocks, bricks, cement, stones and also things like hardie board. Used for absorbing water and other liquids, surfaces easily clean with soap and water. This paint is made for exterior use if you think that you want to use this inside your house than at once you read its cons or asked to an expert. I suggested to you If use on inside then only at concrete floors. Masonry Paint makes surfaces waterproof, dirt resistant, durable, and give long protection to exterior walls. It is used on surfaces such as masonry, vinyl, metal, wood, metal and plastic. Don’t use inside the water.

Masonry Paint is environment friendly, waterproof, dirt resistant, all colors available easily in market or online, also available in 5L tins, if you used this paint on your house walls don’t worry then for next 12years to repaint, fast drying paint, Masonry Paint is anti-fungal and anti-aging because it contains an algaecide and fungicide which stops fungal and algal growth.

It is also UV-resistant that make safe walls from flaking, cracking, peeling, which also provide long year protection.

2. Epoxy Paint

This paint is made from epoxy-based resin also known as polyepoxides. Epoxy Paint is used in majority form for industries such as for commercial, industrial, construction, agricultural and for electronics. Epoxy Paint is 5 time thicker than other floor paints, benefits that it is permanent adhesion, durable, waterproof, easy clean up, long-lasting, and resistant (acid, rust, chemicals, heat).

Epoxy Paint is best for that places where surface is so harder and you use this interior or exterior, best to use for garage floor and concrete, it protects against hot-tire pick-up, automotive fluids, and most household chemicals, provides beautiful finish on driveways, garage floors, decks, walkways, and interior concrete surfaces. Epoxy Coating is must used in swimming pool.

Also used on stone, porches, masonry, brick, basements. Epoxy Paint takes longer time for dry on high humidity and in cool temperature. After 24 hours ready for light foot traffic, and after 3 days ready to use heavy foot traffic, if you want give more time such as a week for dry then it is fully used for premature heavy traffic and for automotive tires. Use a mild detergent if needed before a month for cleaning.

For avoid pre mature paint failure should be carefully used clean-washers and abrasive cleaners.

3. Acrolein Elasticized Paint

This paint used on surfaces which are made from concrete. It protects from growth of mould, bacteria, mildew which comes in presence with the cause of moisture. But be safe when used acrolein because it is made from toxic substance, cause to the lungs, throats and damage the skin.
It’s not a waterproof paint if we don’t combine acrolein with acrylic paint, but when they both combined then makes a waterproof paint which we used according to our need.
It is used on concrete surfaces, cinder block surfaces and stone surfaces.

4. Acrylic Paint

Acrylic is two types of paint that is traditional acrylic and latest acrylic paints. From the last 50 years Traditional Acrylic Paints dry very fast, but the latest acrylic paint not dries fast. Latest Acrylic Paint is made by Golden and Chroma. They are water-based paint therefore they thinned with water and very less toxicity both acrylic paints. They are basically used by artists.

They easily clean with soap and water, these paints mainly used for home decorating, they used on paintings which can look beautiful for a long time, also used on woods but more than one coat of paint is required here, glass decorating items also painted with acrylic paints, but they need more surfaces from glass, paper and where they used.

In house indoor or outdoor acrylic paint used on concrete block, poured concrete, wood, masonry, clay tiles and stucco. For acrylic paints no special tools are compulsory, they can easily used with rollers, brushes and with spray. After dry they are waterproof, also used on your clothes easily, they are also known with artist paint because painters used these paints for their beautiful paintings.

Acrylic Paint is more elastic it easily expands and contract without splitting. It makes moisture out and prevents the peeling, also best in protection, sheen, for color retention, soft paint, dry in up to 2hours, makes allows second coat to apply in less than 5hours. They are available in finishes such as matte; satin is most common and gloss finishes. It is quality paint, art paint, canvas paint; Acrylic Paint becomes more resistant with Spar Varnish Coat.

Where Waterproof Paint is used?

 Terraces
 Roofs
 Swimming Pools
 Basements Walls, Retaining Walls and Floors
 Interior and Exterior Concrete
 Masonry
 Against Corrosion and Salt Attacks
 For Crack Sealing on Parapet Walls
 Bagged Walls
 Flashings
 On Wood
 Mold and Mildew Places
 Against UV (Ultra Violet)
 Garages
 Stucco
 Bricks
 Cinder Block
 Cement Block
 Concrete Block
 Stone Surfaces
 Porches
 Metal
 Plastic
 Dirt, Rust, Water, Heat, Corrosion Resistant
 Vinyl etc.

Benefits of Waterproof Paint

 Easily clean with soap and water
 3mm to bigger damaged and cracks are easily repaired
 Always make cleaned surfaces from mold, mildew, algae, moss, and stops fungal growth
 It also absorb water as well as other liquids
 Economical Friendly
 Less VOC
 Best for decorate the house
 UV-Resistant which safe walls from flaking, cracking and peeling
 Waterproof paints are more elastic compared to other paints
 Available in many colors
 Use on places as well as products or things.


Now time is changed and everybody wants to save money for better future, you think what is the connection of this with paint, think if you use waterproof paint at your house interior/exterior or where it needed, and if you do this then relax for next 5years (maximum 10years) because waterproof paints are long-lasting and protect your house, things, products or paintings from water, which is easily effect these things without any protection. Today UV also one disadvantage for us but humans has fewer solutions to protect him, but in paint industry we have some paints which protect our house from UV rays, and waterproof paints are one of them.


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